Didn’t go to plan!

Well, epic fail!

I planned and prepared to use two new ICT devices with my year 6 HPE class today. I had checked some ‘Heart rate monitor’ apps during the week; chose what seemed to be reasonably effective and user friendly (and FREE); downloaded the app onto the set of 6 iPads for the class to use; and gave the iPads to the class to use so we could investigate the impact physical activity has on heart rate; comparing and contrasting results in the whole class. Seconly, i had been shown a digital pen and notebook that records what is written and spoken and can play back at a later time. I thought this would be a quick way to record the heart rate reading across the class and collate the answers later. Great plan – didn’t quite go that way.

The reading on the heart monitoring were all over the shop; the pen didn’t seem to work properly (or maybe I used it incorrectly); it took way too much time and the class ( and I) got really distracted from the physical activity drills I wanted them to work on. All in all, efforts to use ICT’s actually took longer; were less effective; and provided incorrect results. It would have been better to get the class to measure their own heart rate and physically write down the anserw with pen and paper.

I have just been reading Tammy’s blog, who also discussed some of the challenges of using ICT’s in the class, including loss of teaching time; student distraction; and failure to work or connect to the school network.




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