Free Apps – Sound good; not always that useful!

I planned to use an app. called ‘Coach’s Eye’ in one of my athletics lessons on long jump. In discussing it with my mentor teacher I discovered that it was not very useful unless you purchase the upgraded version. Apparently the free version only relates to some core sports played in USA – Football; baseball; golf. The school aren’t interested in downloading apps that cost unless they can be justified and fit into budget spending for that department. Being here for just a short 3 week practical placement didn’t allow the time to organise this or justify the value in purchasing this app.

Similarly, I downloaded a free heart rate monitor app to my phone to check if this could be used with a set of 6 iPads that can be booked out from the school library. In process of using the app I discovered that the free version only allows you to measure heart rate 3 times in a day. Again, evidence that you need to do some searching to find worthwhile apps that will do the job you need them to do.

In reading Jess’s blog, it sounds like she has discovered a great app to assist with coaching athletics. I will have a closer look and see if I too can use this app with my lessons on long jump or high jump.


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