I’m hearing you!

I have just read through a couple of blog posts, one from Jess and another from Kaz. Both express some concern about the effective and innovative use of ICT’s in their prac. location. One school seems quite well resourced but the other more limited. Both locations appear to have challenge and I can relate to Jess in that my prac location has one to one tablets program for year 5 and 6. However, the HPE timetable is fairly full with preparing for athletics carnival on Friday. I haven’t yet had the chance to introduce innovative use of ICT’s. Looks like it will have to be in week two or three, once I work out what to do! One thing that another teacher at the school suggested was a Smart Pen that records everything as it is written as well as the audio that accompanies the writing. This can then be replayed by students to capture all the important info and make sure nothing is missed. One such product is demonstrated on this link. I will investigate further regarding how useful this is in a HPE context. Stay tuned.


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