Work That Matters!

Interesting site that David commented on and tagged in ‘Best content in ICT’s and pedagogy’. I viewed another source the other day, a YouTube video titled ‘Learning for tomorrow – Flipped Learning‘, that seemed to echo a lot of what the author of this blog says regarding the need for content, tasks, lessons and assessment to go beyond the traditional teaching approach that is constrained and shaped by the classroom and set curriculum. Instead, if we want students to engage and enjoy, then the content; method of delivery; task activities; and assessment, needs to be based on things that matter to our digitally rich and savvy 21st century students. If we as educators are preparing students today for jobs and careers that don’t even exist at the moment, then perhaps we need to let go and allow those who are more adventurous, creative and willingly alternate, develop their own ways to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge, albeit foreign new and even uncomfortable for the educator. In this YouTube clip, the teacher allows, even encourages students to produce their alternate forms of assessment. Students do not have to complete his set assessment, as long as they can demonstrate in other ways their learning. This is still to some extent connecting assessment to a mark on a report. What about the following quote that comes from this Mind/Shift website. How brave are you????

‘What if we let our students do work that they actually cared about and wanted to create, not for a grade but because of its potential contribution to and effect on the world?”   Will Richardson


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