Writer’s Block!

One thing I personally find challenging is thinking of a starting concept or sentence when faced with a writing task. I know I am not alone and many primary school aged children also find it challenging to ‘get started’ with their piece of writing. However, here is a great little site, Story Starters, from Scholastic that provides a number of sentence or topic starters. It is quite a fun little link that allows students to choose the theme of the writing piece – Scrambler, Fantasy, Adventure or Sci-fi – then pull a lever that randomly provides a sentence made up or four segments. If the student is not happy with the sentence they can press another button to randomly provide another segment for the sentence. When I pulled the lever on the scrambler theme, I got “Write a postcard from a greedy flamingo who wins the lottery!” Students could really have some fun with this and get the creative juices flowing. Why not give it a go yourself?


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