Unit Planner’s Block

I am sure most people have heard or used the phrase, “I have writer’s block!” Well, after many hours over the Easter weekend working towards this 2nd assessment, I think I had ‘Unit Planner’s block!’ It didn’t matter how many times I sat at the desk; revised the learning path ‘moodle’ pages on ‘Studydesk’; or searched the web for ideas, I seemed to keep hitting road blocks and going round in circles. In the end, I sought help and clarification that my initial Unit of Work idea was OK. A great suggestion that has since really helped open my eyes to learning plan ideas for my UoW was to access ‘Australian Curriculum lessons’. (By the way, this advice is in the studydesk learning path, I just hadn’t read that far at the time!)

I am still to tackle in any depth the effective use of ICT’s in my unit plan, but I did appreciate seeing the link on Danielle’s blog to the Edudemic website that provides four different visual representations of apps related to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Will need some further investigating!



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