What will future ICT look like?

I sat in a class the other day and spoke with another student about what ICT’s could look like in the future; Where could it possibly go? We had no answers and shook our heads because students probably sat in that same classroom 10 years ago and couldn’t imagine the type and use of ICT’s we presently see being rolled out and continuously used in classrooms throughout our schools every day. When I had a look at this blog post from Melissa Sherman, I got a certain picture of where it could be in the near future, but what about beyond that? It is nearly unimaginable. The ‘Bridging the future‘ video that Mel has found and linked in her blog is a very exciting and mind blowing look into the future of classroom education.
 When I watch that YouTube video, there is an element within me that is scared and I do wonder if the divide between those that have access to such ICT’s and those that don’t, is going to become so great that it benefits only the few who can afford it and have the privilege of working with such technology, leaving masses of students, and teachers, behind! What are your thoughts?


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