PLN & PKM – Two Essentials

There is so much material and so many resources available online that it can also become quite overwhelming. This age of prolific ICT’s requires a new set of skills, particularly the ability to sift through a plethora of resources to really identify the ‘cream’. Thankfully, there are many great people who are discovering valuable resources and posting them for others to tap into for use in there own teaching. I now realise that the process of developing a relevant and experienced Personal Learning Network (PLN), as well as refining skills in Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), are two essentials skills I need if I want to be an effective and cutting edge teacher.

As a part of developing my PLN, I am looking through blog posts from some of my fellow EDC3100 students. I enjoyed this post by Cassie, about the difference teachers can make. In her post, Cassie draws on and comments about this YouTube video by Kid President.  As she said, it does make you smile, but it also inspires you to “Be Awesome and look for the awesome in others”. “Everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a student”, is another tag line from the video.

At the end of the day, I want to be a teacher who brings out the best in his students; finds the awesome in them; helps them make history. In order to do this, I need to draw on many others who inspire, challenge and resource me for the task. Hence, I need an effective PLN & method of PKM.


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