Sharing “The Bright Spots”

This blog site looks to contain a huge array of advice, recommendations, suggestions and accounts of where very effective class teaching has occurred. The blog is managed by Shaun Allison, Deputy Head at Durrington High School, West Sussex, England. He uses the blog to highlight and showcase great work that staff in his school, as well as other teachers working beyond his school, are doing regarding education, teaching and learning. My attention was first drawn to a post contributed by a PE teacher at DHS, Lizzie Wolstenholme, in which she reflects on the effective use of ICT’s in teaching PE. When I read her post, I resonated with her first thoughts, thinking that the use of ICT’s to enhance PE could be only as broad as video cameras, stop watches and TV’s to replay the recorded game/activity. As I am discovering, rather quickly, there is a far greater array of available ICT’s that can and should be implemented, including IPods; IPads; Twitter; edmodo (a homework tool); Coachpro; Apple TV; Coach my video; dropbox; and more. Check out her blog post here. Her blog post lists many ICT resources and uses, however, one of the most important statements she makes is that the ICT’s introduced or used must be adding value to the PE environment. They must also not detract from the key objective of getting young people active in the very limited PE time allocated within the school timetable. If they can add value by building on the physical activity and skills development then as she recommends – Use Them!

The ‘Class Teaching’ blog, managed by Shaun Allison, is a very active blog and full of great information to inspire and challenge those already teaching or preparing to step into the fray. Every Thursday, he hosts ’15 minute forums’. This is a brief weekly meeting, based around a scheduled pedagogical topic inviting teachers to contribute great ideas etc. Well worth checking out by clicking here.   


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