IPAD Ideas for use in HPE

In this YouTube video, Mark Anderson from the UK, highlights a handful of useful IPAD apps that can be utilised in teaching physical education classes, or coaching teams. He makes the point, in his introduction in the video, that these apps are some of the ‘not so well known’ apps that people think of using. The first app he mentions is ‘Noteshelf‘ which enables you to create notebooks with different pages. You can have score sheets, or diagrams of a sporting field or indoor court and write over it or highlight it, similar to the old whiteboard clipboard. The advantage of the IPAD app is that the diagrams/plays don’t have to be erased, but rather can be kept for later reference and further coaching. I found this to be an interesting Youtube video and I plan to investigate these apps further.


One thought on “IPAD Ideas for use in HPE”

  1. Reblogged this on zoemccosker and commented:
    I love this YouTube link that Mike has uploaded and commented on, it shows great example of implementing ICT into HPE. I believe that in HPE an IPAD is one of the best hands on ICT technology that could be used in some areas. This video gives an insight into some IPAD apps that will help improve and increase participation to classroom HPE. It is an increasing challenge to get students to participate in Health and physical education but it is our job to now to help draw the intention back onto HPE and the lifelong skills it gives us. It would be great to look further into the Apps offered.

    Cheers Zoe

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